Inia Seruiratu
Inia Seruiratu.
Fiji’s new Opposition leader, Inia Seruiratu, has vowed that he will do his best to serve the people of Fiji. “I’m indeed honoured and privileged for this opportunity,” he…
Tuvalu Trade
Tuvalu has increased revenue by 20% after automating its customs management systems. Paperless customs procedures have really made it simpler for traders in Tuvalu, says Sania Teisini, Director of…
Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese
The Albanese government could have to make decisions on whether to approve up to 28 coalmine developments that would make it harder to meet targets set under its newly…
Judge Gavel (Handle)
Photo: SLM
A Lae district court in Papua New Guinea has rejected bail for an expatriate and six Papua New Guineans implicated in the K35 million (US$9.9 million) methamphetamine bust in…
Senior U.S delegation in Fiji.
Photo: U.S. Embassy Suva
The White House says a high-level U.S. delegation visit to Pacific Island nations this month was a demonstration of its commitment towards a free, open and resilient Indo-Pacific. The…
U.S Air Force deliver medicine to Marshall Islands
U.S Air Force deliver medicine to Marshall Islands (September 2005)
The Marshall Islands government has been forced into making alternative air delivery options for everything from mail and medicines to fresh tuna and equipment for essential public services due…
Sweet Career: High-sugar and High-yielding Sugarcane Production Technology
King of Fruit Trade: Banana Cultivation and Management Technology