Apr 10, 2021 Last Updated 4:12 AM, Apr 8, 2021

FNPF buys out GPH partners

Unconfirmed reports have emerged that the Grand Pacific Hotel (GPH) in Fiji is now fully owned by the Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF). The historic building, local landmark and well known icon of South Pacific tourism has been the subject of months of negotiation among its three shareholders – the…
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Publisher's Note

When Malaysia’s Prime Minister-inwaiting and leader of the Parti Keadilan Rakyat, Anwar Ibrahim spoke at the Singapore Summit on 15 September to talk about the state of his country, the lessons he shared were arguably true in Malaysia as they are for the fledgling democracies of the Pacific. He spoke about…
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Step Up War Against Drugs

Parcels of hard drugs washing up on the shores of some remote and isolated islands in Fiji, the numerous arrests of drug dealers in Tonga and now the detention of what’s believed to be an armoured boat in the waters of Papua New Guinea have all the tell-tale signs that drug…
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THE controversy surrounding the ejection of China’s head of delegation from a meeting between Pacific leaders and donor partners at the 49th Pacific Islands Forum in Nauru was unfortunate as much as it was avertable. Of course in saying that, we are not attempting to condone the seemingly unruly and…
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Victory for Nauru 19

Nauru ’s justice minister David Adeang’s conduct in a case involving 17 men and two women charged in connection with a protest outside the island parliament more than three years ago was a shameful affront to the rule of law in Nauru, the island Supreme Court said as it ordered a permanent…
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