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2013 March (29)

As RAMSI prepares to downsize, Solomon Islanders are taking responsibility for the welfare of their communities as JOHNSON HONIMAE found out during a series of community outreach meetings recently. Communities in the multi-million dollar Gold Ridge Mine area of East Guadalcanal were among some of the worst affected by the social unrest that led to the deployment of the Regional…
I t’s been eight months since the old Fugalei produce market had closed down. And there were plans a new premises would open in mid-year 2013. But it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen as the bidding process continues to drag on. “We’ve had to review the bids and until the Evaluation Committee is satisfied, the process will have…
Low productivity in state-owned enterprises is inhibiting growth in the poor islands countries, a leading regional development assistance advocate has cautioned. While privatisation of such entities may be just the key for such statutory corporations if they are to turn their operations into profitability, the Asian Development Bank says it also advocates increasing efficiencies and effectiveness as an alternative. Following…
Environmental and other marine advocacy groups criticised the Pacific’s regional fisheries management organisation for not adopting a tougher stance on conservation at its annual meeting in December. Despite this criticism, CEO of the Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) said the results “are not as bad as they were made out to be.” But for Dr Transform Aqorau, equally important…
To talk marine issues The 8th Pacific Heads of Fisheries Meeting is taking place March 4-8 in New Caledonia. The meeting, convened by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC), brings together heads of fisheries departments from Pacific Islands countries and territories (PICTs) to discuss not only the work of SPC’s Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems Division, but also fisheries-related…

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