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PNG’s big bills Papua New Guinea government offices have been able to move back into their premises after temporarily being locked out

U.S-Pacific Summit 2022

America’s Catch-Up Summit

Spooked by China’s influence in the Pacific Islands, U.S. President Joe Biden hosted an unprecedented summit at the White House for leaders

Water deliveries in Fiji

Avoiding a WASHout

There has been a significant decline in donor funding for water, sanitation and hygiene projects in the Pacific, as the region continues

Cervical Cancer vaccinations

Saved from the Unknown

One in four women with cervical cancer live in what the World Health Organisation (WHO) defines as the ‘Western Pacific Region’, a

Qaqi Mai

Qaqi Mai: Bike Share

When I was younger, my friends and I used to say ‘Qaqi Mai’ when we were ‘choking’ each other for bus fare,