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Pacific Entity of the Year

  • Dec 02, 2017
  • By  Samisoni Pareti
A Solomon Islands police officer with RAMSI personnel before they left.  A Solomon Islands police officer with RAMSI personnel before they left. Photos: RAMSI
Published in 2017 December
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RAMSI is our choice

“MY brother wanted to escape down to the river but they chased him down and got him. They partly cut his head and dragged him back to where he was. They took him close to where we were and they cut another part of his head. I could tell the person who did it; he was a boy… My brother cried and called for mum.

He recognised our mum and called her but we could not do anything. We were advised not to cry for them. If we did they would kill us.” This was a story of a young woman from Marasa Village on Guadalcanal before the Solomon Islands Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings and can be found on page 136 of its final February 2012 report. It captures in one succinct paragraph the terror and tragedy that consumed this Pacific island nation nearly 20 years ago.

That such terrifying accounts of neighbour killing neighbour, wantok shooting wantok, coastal villages destroyed from constant bombardment by armed patrol boats, entire villages razed to the ground by marauding militants are no longer heard or occurring in Solomon Islands testify to the success and achievements of RAMSI.... read more buy your personal copy at

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