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The Mad Hatter Hut

  • Sep 04, 2017
  • By  Priya Chand
Expandable... Mad Hatter Hut. Expandable... Mad Hatter Hut.
Published in 2017 July
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IN a cluster of stores and offices along 22 Disraeli Road in Suva, stands a flamboyant little coffee house. It’s not hard to spot given its striking greenish blue exterior, with captivating colorful interior peeping from inside. Once you take a closer look, you will see large red and white mushrooms on one side of the shop window – that basically sprouts out words like magic and fantasy in your head.

On the other side is a display of cute colorful children’s clothing. By now of course, as you will enter through the main door, you will be greeted with a big bula smile. After you’re done with the popular friendly Fijian pleasantries, you will get to loosen yourself in the splash of colors and order a cup of coffee, and a cupcake if you’re not shy of calories.

Once you settle down, you will either be transported to a world of utopia where everything is hunky dory and you can ‘un-adult’ for a while, or you will realise that while the new coffee house is a “happy place”, it may not be your ‘adult’ cup of tea but you will certainly be coming by again with your 4 or 5 year-olds for a little day out. Coffee shops have become quite popular in Fiji, whether it be the likes of global franchises like Gloria Jeans, or locally owned ones like Contain Yourself.

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