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No bull here

AT least one person has fallen foul of the PNG-Fiji impasse on the bully beef trade. Fiji’s Biosecurity Authority boss, Xavier Khan, resigned suddenly from his position shortly after an announcement that a ban on PNG corned beef had been lifted. For more than a year the two Melanesian neighbours have been at loggerheads over the tinned goods. Khan had led the blockade against PNG - apparently at the behest of his political masters - until it became too hot in the proverbial kitchen. As is usual in Fiji, the lackey eventually paid the price for doing the master’s bidding. 

Switching sides

ON a similar note, watch for two former colonels in Fiji’s military government to switch political sides this month. Both men lost their jobs after years of hastening to the call of the republic’s military strongman. And both lost their jobs over differences of opinion with the Number Two in the same government. After a particularly heated Cabinet meeting, one of the colonels demanded his military boss make a stand - him or his master’s voice. The master went with the voice and the loyal officer lost his job. Now he’s about to make a political comeback and word is the knives are out.

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