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Published in 2017 January
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Telecom expansion

TAKING over the ocean of the Pacific seems to be the goal of Fiji’s mega telecommunication company with reports that it has got Vanuatu under the radar, after taking over telecom business in Kiribati, with American Samoa, Cook Islands and Samoa in the bag, almost, in addition to home base Fiji of course. ATH currently owns Telecom Fiji, provider of land line services in Fiji, as well as its very successful mobile company, Vodafone. It has also bought the Cable and Wireless of UK’s shares in Fiji’s international telecom company, FINTEL. While its offers to buy out mobile operations in PNG and Solomons were rebuffed, ATH is reportedly getting some support to buy Telecom of Vanuatu’s mobile operations. ATH is a Fiji Government-owned company with majority shareholding by the country’s superannuation fund, FNPF.

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