Dec 19, 2018 Last Updated 6:44 PM, Dec 16, 2018

Post Fiji board criticized.

By Anish Chand

The Auditor General of Fiji has said insufficient number of board members with the required mix of skills, expertise and knowledge is required for Post Fiji Limited to operate efficiently and effectively.

In his report to Parliament, the OAG says Post Fiji only has two board members which limits effective decision-making and oversight. 

"The audit noted that currently the company’s Board is currently comprised of only two members which is not sufficient for good corporate governance," the audit says.

There is a high possibility that not having sufficient number of board members is preventing the Board from effectively exercising its roles and responsibilities, the OAG states.

Post Fiji Limited management has informed that the Board Chairman has also highlighted to the Ministry for the size of the board to be increased.

Meanwhile, an International Mail Logistic Company owed Post Fiji Limited $4,637,730 (US$2,270,000) at the time of audit in 2015.

This was 44% of Post Fiji's total receivable balance.

Audit noted that a mail logistics company based in Australia used the logo of Post Fiji Limited on its correspondence for their business dealings with various postal agencies around the world,

"There was no agreement between Post Fiji Limited and the mail logistic company for the use of company’s logo and there there was no Board resolution on the approval of use of company’s logo by the mail logistic company," the audit report states.

In absence of a contract agreement and board approval, Post Fiji Limited is faced with significant reputation risk should the mail logistic company fail to operate lawfully and ethically, says the OAG.

The logistic company has ceased using Post Fiji Limited as from March 2016 for this business after it took a more aggressive approach towards their debt collection. 

Post Fiji Limited will continue to pursue the outstanding debt with the logistic company, notes the audit.

By Anish Chand

Walesi Limited will take over all the transmission works of all braodcasters in Fiji, including that of Fiji Broadacsting Corporation Limited.

This information is contained in the latest Auditor Generals report tabled in Parliament on Monday that audited FBCL.

Walesi is now fully operational Fiji wide and is managed by the Ministry of Communications.

"This project is managed by Ministry of Communications through Walesi Ltd which will also take over all the transmission works of all broadcasters including FBC for an annual management fee," says the audit.

All faults as well as transmission and repairs and maintenance works will be handled by Walesi Ltd. 

After a thorough assessment of fixed assets, list of equipment that will be transferred from FBCL to Walesi Ltd at an agreed price had been presented to the board of FBCL.

"A decision on this transfer is expected to be made soon. The Corporation has further indicated that analog equipment will still be used simultaneously as a backup until digital is fully functional and used up to the switch over time," said the OAG at the time of the audit

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