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2014 June (27)

The decision of Samoa’s Prime Minister to sign a letter in support of two convicted rapists has raised serious questions from the country’s Opposition Party Tautua Samoa. According to the Party, the Prime Minister should avoid giving away his signature in support of criminals. Fatu Seti of the Le Vasa Resort about 10 minutes west of the Faleolo International Airport…
Acoconut oil craze has been circulating beauty parlours around the world for the last couple of years – that it is a miracle answer to skin infections and it’s a natural way to remove makeup. So much so that the popular and affordable oil from the Pacific Islands became a super-hit choice for young girls and even boys in parts…
The Australian Government led by Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced its first budget on 13 May and took a hit in the polls. The budget saw significant reductions in spending on domestic health, education and welfare and confirmed previous cuts to Australia’s aid programme. Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey argued that the tough budget was vital for the long-term economic health…
“We are the sea. We are the ocean. We must wake up to this ancient truth.” – Professor Epeli Hau’ofa The oceans play a vital role in supporting all life on Earth. The oxygen in every third breath we take was produced by phytoplankton, the microscopic plants floating in the surface waters of oceans. Without the huge thermal capacity of…
Most islands in the Pacific notably Melanesian countries of Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and PNG have no shortage of wood fuel for cooking. When I analysed the 2008-09 Household Income and Expenditure Survey for the Fiji Bureau of Statistics, I found that an amazing 77% of all rural households still cook with wood, and over 85% amongst the poorest 40%.…

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