Mob fear grips Honiara

By Netani Rika A MOB is moving along the main highway into the Solomon Islands capital this hour.  There are reports from

Police contains Angry Mob

STONE throwing police have held back an angry mob on the outskirts of China Town in Honiara. The youths crossed a bridge

Police in Honiara on high alert

RIOT police have been deployed in the Solomon Islands capital after tensions escalated following the election of Prime Minister Manasseh Sogovare. A

It’s Sogavare

MANASSEH Sogovare has been elected Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands this hour. Sogovare- who lost the confidence of parliament last year

Solomon prepares for PM election

Honiara SECURITY has been tightened in Honiara as tSolomon Islands prepares to select a prime minister. Riot police equipped with batons and