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THE 10th annual conference of the Pacific Water and Wastewater Association (PWWA) is set to kick off on Monday 7 August 2017 at the Sheraton Aggies Hotel and Bungalows, in Apia, Samoa with a program for young water professionals from around the Pacific. The 10th Annual Pacific Water Conference and Expo as well as the 3rd Pacific Water Ministerial Forum is officially set to open on Tuesday 8 August 2017 with a traditional ava ceremony.

The Chief Executive Officer of PWWA which is based in Apia, Pitolau Lusia Sefo Leau, confirms that a little over 300 participants are registered to attend for all the events - considerably more than previous years. Participants include foreign ministers attending the Pacific Water Ministerial Forum, delegations from water and wastewater member utilities from around the Pacific, PWWA’s development partner representatives, young water professionals from around the Pacific region, a decent line-up of technical speakers, experts, professionals, companies, contractors, and providers and suppliers in the water and wastewater sectors from around the world.

Samoa’s host agency and Chair of the Conference Organising Committee, Samoa Water Authority headed by Managing Director - Seugamaalii Jammie Saena, is confident Samoa Water Authority and co-host organisations - the Water and Sanitation Sector of MNRE and the Samoa Independent Water Schemes Association, will deliver on the expectations for an efficient, effective and valuable conference that showcases Samoa’s natural hospitality, and a growing reputation as an excellent conference/event host.

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Explore the unknown

YOU think of what you want to be and they will take you to the unknown. That’s exactly what a prominent sports apparel manufacturer and distributor in Fiji — Beyond Limits Known (BLK) - is doing-making their apparel affordable.

BLK started off as a world rugby specialist, but over the years they have evolved as inclusive suppliers for other apparel. The company is all about empowering people to be the best, exploring the unknown, creating partnerships in achieving the unknown and at the same time provide you the win apparel. This year, BLK has taken its brand to another level. No longer confined to the sports field, BLK manufactures casual wear which includes distinctive Fijian designs.

The company doesn’t compromise on quality. A research and development team works behind the scenes to design innovative apparel. “BLK- Beyond Limits Known quality is second to nothing and that can only be felt when they make it affordable for people With the increasing competition in the local apparel and textile industry, quality is what sets BLK apart,” said BLK Director Commercial and Marketing ,Liga Gukisuva. “You can compete on the brand, price and design, but what separates BLK is the quality of the products we produce.”

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Crest gives Fiji a high 5x5

LEADING food manufacturing conglomerate Goodman Fielder International (Fiji) Ltd Pte has upped the ante about product marketing and consumer promotion with the launch of its trail blazing, hard to beat Crest Chicken 5x5 Promo. Under Crest Chicken 5x5 Promo, the company is giving away five latest model Isuzu D-Max Utes.

That is five brand new Isuzu trucks, all with a total value of F$360,000, or US$180,000. “We like to make all our promotions fresh and exciting, just like our products,” said Goodman Fielder General Manager Chris Zaayman. “But this time we didn’t just want to reward one lucky customer, we wanted to reward multiple customers.

So with that in mind we created Crest 5x5 Promo in partnership with Carpenters Motors.” “We also wanted to maintain entry accessibility to everyone in Fiji,” added Mr Zaayman. “So all you have to do to be eligible to win is to cut out 2 Crest Chicken promotional tokens, which can be found on specially marked Crest Chicken wrappers, and send the tokens in a self-addressed envelope to Crest 5x5 Promo, Private Mail Bag, Suva, or drop it off in entry bins provided in participating stores - It’s really that easy.”

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SMALL island developing states are among the most vulnerable to our changing climate. People living in the Pacific are already experiencing higher temperatures, shifts in rainfall patterns, rising sea levels and changes in frequency and intensity of extreme climate events.

Further changes are expected long into the future because of climate change associated with human activity. These changes, which are occurring on top of a naturally variable climate, have far-reaching consequences that will affect communities and the environment.

Preparing for these consequences is a challenge, because climate change means that the climate we have been used to in the past is not the climate that we will have in the future. While we do not know exactly how the future will unfold in 30, 50 or 100 years, we can use climate change science to tell us what the future climate might be like.

Climate change scientists draw on what they know about how the climate system works and how it is changing to narrow down the possibilities for the climate we can expect in the future. This science-based climate change information can be used to prepare for future threats and take advantage of possible opportunities resulting from the changing climate.

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Oceania Customs Organisation

Effective Border Management

LAW enforcement and border security has been an important area of focus for Oceania Customs Organisation (OCO) given that effective border management is needed to facilitate trade in goods and services and that many of our Pacific Island economies still depend heavily upon revenue from duties imposed at the border.

But our Pacific regions because of our porous borders remain prone to illegal border activities and individual customs administrations are not able to manage these problems on their own. The OCO exists to facilitate and where appropriate help administrations to align with customs international standards and best practice leading to greater economic prosperity and increased border security within the Oceania region. The Secretariat pprovides support to members in developing, coordinating and implementing activities in line with members’ mandates and advising members on key Customs issues.

These amongst others include; provide technical advice to members on customs and other related matters, assist in the development and implementation of harmonized Customs policies and instruments, facilitate the cooperation and information exchange between OCO Customs administrations and identify cross-cutting issues with regional and international partners and promote collaborations.

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