Drought hits Vanuatu

AT least two young children have died of malnutrition in Tanna as the El Nino drought worsens in Vanuatu. One child less than a

Insult to the Pacific

Minister’s visit draws leaders’ ire AS Indonesian Minister Yohana Susana Yembise attempted to woo Fiji’s women, church leaders in her home were calling for justice.

Caught out

Fiji Opposition move forces Bainimarama’s hand   MAJOR-General Jioji (George) Konrote has been feted as Fiji’s first non-iTaukei President but he is, in fact, much

After TONG who will it be?

Kiribati election race – overcrowding, social woes overshadow the climate change issue PRESIDENT Anote Tong is leaving office  next year because the

Fallout in French Polynesia

President Fritch proposes new party IT’S hard when you fall out with family.   President Edouard Fritch of French Polynesia is the former son-in-law of

Bribery, pardon & prison

IT could have been a movie script as it contained gripping drama, pathos, intrigue, high farce and action.   And it involved


DESPITE government assurances about meeting core International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions, Fijians are bracing themselves for a possible ILO Commission of Inquiry.