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Our Publications

Front Page Limited publishes a variety of content across several media.

These include business and current affairs magazines, a number of airline in-flight magazines, and special interest and industry magazines.

Islands Business Magazine
The Islands Business Magazine is published monthly and covers a wide range of Regional and International issues. Each monthly issue is assigned a theme to coincide with the Regional and International calendar of events. Islands Business magazine boasts a field of experienced correspondents based in all the major Pacific islands nations. It is also distributed throughout the Pacific Islands and to subscribers in Australia, New Zealand, US, UK, Europe Southeast Asia and Japan.

IB Jan 2018 cover

Solomon Airlines Inflight
Solomon inflight magazine is another of Front Page Limited/Islands Business successful venture. This inflight magazine gets into the seats of all Solomon planes, international and domestic services.
Overseas flights include Brisbane, Sydney, Port Villa & Nadi, Fiji Island. Domestic flights fly to the Capital of all nine provinces in the Solomon Islands such as Honiara, Tulagi, Gizo, Buala, Auki, Kirakira, Lata, Taro and Tingoa The inflight magazine targets tourists, and business visitors including investors and business people to Solomon Islands, and since it’s a government owned airline, the magazine is widely read by leaders of Solomon Islands, be they in government, business or the community. It’s a quarterly magazine, and copies of the magazines is placed in all International and Domestic flights seat pockets.

2 New Solomon cover 771

Discover Fiji Magazine (Chinese edition)

Similar to the Solomon Airlines Inflight magazine, Discover Fiji Chinese edition is an annual publication that is also published by Islands Business in the Mandarin language targeting Chinese Fiji tourists who are the customers of the 6-return charter direct flight from mainland China, Taiwan to Fiji during the Chinese New Year Week of February very year. These are flights arranged by Rosie Holidays to fly
these Chinese tourists directly from mainland China to Fiji. The magazine is placed in each of the 300 seat air craft where customers can take it with them as complimentary copies. This one-off edition publication along with Rosie Holidays targets specifically the higher end of the travel market in both mainland China and Taiwan. In other words, these are only Chinese with very high disposable income. Each copy, since 2015 carries bar code for scanning by customers.

Discover Fiji Chinese 2018 Cover

Tourism Fiji Expo 2017 Directory
This is a one-off edition publication published by Front Page Limited for the first time, for the Annual Tourism Fiji Expo that is held in May every year. This was an arrangement between Tourism Fiji and Front-Page Ltd. Targeting more than 100 delegates/buyers and trade professionals from International and travel organizations from 21 countries across the globe and creating new partnerships with over 90 companies exhibiting every year. These 44 pages (subject to change) delegates guide book aims to provide International buyers what Fiji has to offer, development & introduction of new products. It also aims to provide opportunities for exhibitors OR resorts and tourist destinations to engage directly with international buyers and to experience Fiji’s wide range attractions and activities that will enhance Fiji’s thriving tourism industry.

Fijian Tourism 2017 44 pgs

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